Dying man reunited with his dog in last wish

by Rebecca on June 30, 2011

in Animal Videos

By David Ferguson

57-year-old Kevin McClain was homeless and living in his car with his dog when he was diagnosed with lung cancer one month ago. McClain was admitted to Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, then transfered to hospice care. His dog, Yurtie (also known as Yurt) was taken to an animal shelter.

Paramedic Jan Erceg was transferring McClain from the ambulance gurney to his hospice bed when McClain said, “I have a dog.” He told Erceg that she was in a shelter.

Erceg volunteers at the animal shelter where Yurt was taken. “He said her name was Yurt and at that moment, that was my Aha! moment.”

The reunion took place just days before McClain passed away. Yurt has gone to live with a couple named Kate and Eric Ungs.

Watch this video, from KCRG in Cedar Rapids, below:

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