Dog Rescue in Richmond, VA

by Rebecca on February 26, 2008

in Pet Talk

Around this country are wonderful people who care about animals and provide rescue operations
and shelter for animals in need. One of these places is ADRATI K9 Rescue in Richmond, VA. I asked
them to do a quick write-up about what they do. If you want more information, you should check out
their website at


ADRATI K9 Rescue (Angel Dogs Rescue And Transport Inc) is a small canine rescue group in the city
of Richmond that takes dogs of various mix breeds, pure breeds, ages, sizes, and circumstances and
provides love, medical attention, and transportation along the way to a new family.

We take dogs from kill shelters, off the streets, from other folks who have found strays,  owner
surrenders with special cases, and various other circumstances. 

We are a sister and brother team who love dogs and have a huge commitment to their well being.
We work with ten to twelve dogs at a time mostly depending on foster homes that are available.  We
have all of the dogs in a home environment.  We personally foster many of the dogs and provide a
hands-on approach for every dog throughout the foster period. This way we know the dogs and their
personalities to find a good fit for the dog and the adoptive family.

We rarely work with dogs under one year of age.  There are circumstances that we do work with young
dogs, but not on a regular basis.  It is more likely to find a seven or eight year old dog in our care than a
seven or eight month old dog.

We also work with dogs with a variety of health and challenging issues.  We have worked with
amputation, multiple fractures, cancer, diabetes, puppy mill rescues, heartworm positive cases,
and extreme health issues.  We rescued a German Shepherd that we know lived in a ditch for a year
and was estimated to only be two years old.  She was Parvo positive, heartworm positive, severely
underweight, and unsure of humans.  We had her for several months while she healed.  Many of our
dogs have been in our care for months while healing from health issues and the trauma of their
environments.  There have been numerous dogs that we have taught that humans can be a very
bright spot in their life.

We provide all necessary vetting for each dog including spay/neuter, vaccines, dental, or any other
care deemed necessary by the veterinarian caring for each dog.  We work really hard to match the
personality and character of each dog with a family.  We like to spend a lot of time letting the family
get to know the dog to be sure this is a good fit and they understand the long term commitment to
making this dog a permanent family member.

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