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by Rebecca on November 13, 2009

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By Lynnette

Dog trash… it’s the trash you have to clean up after you find that your dog has raided the garbage can! Have you had to deal with any dog trash lately?

Maybe your dog simply loves to eat items from the trash.

Or maybe your dog makes a game of secretly stealing things from the garbage can in your house when you’re not looking.

This is definitely risky behavior, as your dog could unknowingly eat something dangerous for them.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to out-wit a smart dog that is determined to get into the garbage one way or another

Following are the best dog-proof trash cans, plus tips for keeping your dog out of the trash can once and for all!…

Your #1 priority should be to keep the trash can securely out of the reach of your dog.

A dog’s desire to get to food that they can smell is instinctual, so it’s up to us as dog owners to prevent their access to the garbage.

Some Places To Keep The Trash Can:

  • in a closet or pantry that has a full-size door  
  • behind a cabinet …but with child-proof locks 
  • in the garage — where the dog doesn’t have access

This video shows a dog that is used to getting into the trash can stored in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. (You can tell, because he keeps licking his lips :-D) The $2.99 childlocks kept him out!


Metal Dog-Proof Trash Cans

 A basic metal trash can that you have to step on a pedal to open works well for many dog owners, because dogs obviously can’t maneuver the pedal with their paws.

Just make sure you get one that’s large and heavy enough so your dog can’t tip it over. Then again, if you happen to have a very large and very determined dog, then the size of the trash can matters very little.

Two downsides to the basic pedal-style trash cans:

  • If the trash can is full, the dog could get access to whatever is near the top, since the lid won’t properly close. 
  • If the lid simply rests loosely atop the can itself, a simple push of the can itself could cause the lid to become ajar and/or fall off the can altogether.

One metal trash can that comes with a few extra security measures is the SimpleHuman trash can with butterfly doors. It can also be bolted to the wall! 

Other Dog-Proof Trash Cans

Most durable metal trash cans that are pet-proof are going to be in the $100 price range. This is a reasonable price for a large metal trash can, but there are cheaper garbage cans you can find that are pet-proof as well.

One good option is the SimpleHuman slim plastic garbage can.  It has a step-on lever to open it, and the lid locks securely closed with a sliding lever.

Some dog owners have had good luck with wooden trash can holders that you put your existing trash can inside (even better if it has a small latch to secure it closed). But some dogs can open the kind that tilt forward to open.

Others have found success with trash cans that have swinging lids. Just be careful… those swinging lids can be dangerous. No, really!


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