Deformed puppy, rescued from trash, learns to walk

by Rebecca on September 23, 2011

in Animal Stories

By Laura T. Coffey contributor

Image: Harper the puppy walking in grass
Three weeks ago, Harper was so afflicted by a rigor-mortis-like condition that she could barely move. Today, she’s walking almost like a normal dog.
Image: Harper the puppy displaying "swimmer puppy syndrome"
Dolly’s Foundation
This is how Harper looked when she was rescued. Born with a condition commonly called “swimmer puppy syndrome,” Harper had a flattened chest wall and could not walk or hold her head up.
Image: Harper the puppy sleeping upside down
Safe and sound: Harper the puppy has thrived after receiving personalized attention and care.

Flyin Fur Pet Photography
“Hydrotherapy and massage actually build on that instinct for a dog to move,” Hip Dog therapist Bev McCartt said, adding that Harper is “a real testament to a dog’s determination to get up and just go.”      

Erica Daniel, Harper’s foster mom and head of a dog-rescue organization called Dolly’s Foundation, said Harper has benefited from a mix of treatments: hydrotherapy, massage therapy and electric stimulation of her muscles.   (Flyin Fur Pet Photography)

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