Coyote in Eden

by Rebecca on January 22, 2008

in Animal Stories

God created all things in an idealistic way. God created Earth. God’s
brother, Coyote, walked up next to him on Earth. “Looks good, God.” God
created all of the plants, and animals. “Looks good, God.” After a week, God
got tired and decided to create another world. God was bored, so he left.
Coyote stayed. Coyote noticed that Earth was boring. The land had no
beautiful mountains or hills. It was flat. There were no waves. The sea was
still. Every tree and plant grew in military rows. They gave only oranges
and carrots. All of the animals were dumb, and there were none such as he
and his brother, God. There was nothing to challenge these dumb animals
because everything was perfect. They stayed the same. Coyote got an idea. I
will fix it. Coyote stomped on the ground and made the mountains and hills.
Coyote splashed in the water and created falls, waves, and rain. Coyote
threw the seeds of all the plants into the sky so that they would mix
together. And Coyote made the animals fight and die. He created humans.
These humans became smart and soon discovered Coyote. They blamed him for
earthquakes, floods, brush fires, and tornados. They said he was bad. God
came back to see Earth again. “What have you done Coyote?” Coyote smiled.

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