Cats Make Better Listeners

by Rebecca on August 20, 2011

in Pet Talk

Posted by: Cat Diaries


At the end of a long, hard day, sometimes all you need is someone to vent to. You drop your bag in the hallway, kick off your shoes, pour yourself a glass of red and unleash all the day’s worries to your dearly beloved… who sits still, listens dutifully – and when you’re finished, showers you in affection.

Then she licks her paws and scratches herself.

That’s right, we’re talking about the family cat, who, it would seem, is quickly taking her place in the family as resident therapist and sympathetic ear.

A new poll conducted in the US by pet-loving website Petside has discovered that one third of married, pet-owning American women and 18 per cent of their male counterparts admit that their pet is a better listener than their spouse.

With more and more pet owners discovering the therapeutic value of a furry friend around the house, and the amazing connection that develops between people and their pets, this comes as no surprise to us at Cat Diaries. Pets have long been used as natural healers and helpers, with guide dogs, aged-cared therapy pets and companion animals becoming a standard addition to our healthcare system.

So even though this may be a slightly dismal advertisement for married life, we say it’s yet another endorsement of the joy a pet can bring!

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