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Finding Homes for Feral Cats

by Rebecca on July 26, 2016

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The “Cats At Work” program places ‘unadoptable’ feral felines with people in need of rodent control.

The majority of cats who are adopted from animal shelters are affectionate and cuddly. But what happens to the feral cats who would prefer to live life outdoors and on their terms?

Oftentimes, the less affectionate cats spend the remainder of their days in small cages, until they’re euthanized because they weren’t adopted. It’s a sad reality indeed, which is why a shelter in Chicago introduced a new program which has been a smashing success.

CNN relays that in the Windy City, rat infestations have increased by 67% in one year! Because vermin infestation affects businesses and homeowners, the Tree House Humane Society decided to advertise its feral kitties as a non-toxic, long-term solution to rat infestations.

The “Cats At Work” program places previously unadoptable feral felines with people in need of rodent control. And, it’s been working wonders for all involved!

One business which has benefited from the program is Empirical Brewing. The company adopted two feral cats and placed them at their warehouse where mice and rats had been contaminating grain by chewing tiny holes in the bags of hops, relays GoodNewsNetwork. 

With the kitties on the watch, the rat population decreased substantially. Of course, employees have also been enjoying the felines’ companionship during the work day.

Because of the program’s success, the waiting list for the “Cats At Work” program is now 30 days or longer.
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Rocky recovering

by Rebecca on January 18, 2016

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Fox & Friends

“Rocky,” a military K-9 injured in a bomb explosion in Afghanistan, is seen recovering in a hospital bed wearing his Purple Heart Medal. The picture is going viral

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