Animal Videos

Recently, a video about a horse from South Korea went popular online. Nearly everyone who watches the video does not know whether to cry or to laugh at the cute and naughty foal. The horse was raised on a racecourse in South Korea and has a special capacity of examining man’s language and observing his countenance. When someone wants to ride him, he will falls to the ground and plays dead. If you try to coarse him with food, he still will lay dead until you walk away and then he jumps up for a meal. Now, this horse is an internet hit and has a big name, the Horse Movie King.

Right around this time last year, news broke about the discovery of an amazing little puffer fish capable of creating elaborately designed ‘crop circles’ at the bottom of the ocean as part of an elaborate mating ritual. The behavior was first documented by a photographer named Yoji Ookata who later returned with a film crew from the Japanese nature show NHK which later aired an episode about the fish.

Even as articles bounced around the web it was still difficult to imagine how a tiny fish could create such a large design in the sand, even when staring directly at photographic evidence. Finally, video has emerged that shows just how the little guy delicately traverses the sand in a rotating criss-cross pattern to create a sort of subaquatic spirograph. The textured sand sculpture not only attracts mates but also serves as protection when the fish pair and lays eggs.

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