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by Rebecca on January 10, 2008

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Ancient Egyptians were the first to tame the cat, using them to control
pests. Cats were so important to ancient Egyptians that family members often
shaved their eyebrows as a sign of mourning when the family cat died.

Although cats sleep up to 16 hours per day, they are constantly alert and
sensitive to stimuli. In other words, if you poke a sleeping cat, be
prepared for him to respond accordingly.

To analyze new smells, a cat often relies on a special scent organ, called
the Jocobson’s organ, located in the roof of the mouth. This is why cats
sometimes appear to be sneering when they encounter a strong odor.

Kneading behavior in cats is actually a remnant from kittenhood, when they
kneaded their mother’s abdomen to stimulate milk flow. Some full-grown cats
will knead and drool when being petted; this usually means they are happy
and content.

Cats have five toes on each front paw, but only four toes on each back paw,
and they walk on their toes instead of on the whole foot. Cats born with six
or seven front toes and extra back toes are called polydactls.

Cats with white fur are susceptible to sunburn which can lead to skin
cancer. Protect your cat by applying sunscreen to its nose and ears, or by
keepin it inside.

When a cat is frightened, its hair stands up fairly evenly over most of its
body; when a cat is threatening or preparing to attack, its hair stands only
in a narrow ridge along its tail and spine.


An inexpensive homemade scratching pad requires only three materials: a
piece of plywood or pressed wood board, a stapler and canvas used to make
latch-hook rugs. Staple several layers of rug canvas to the board and get
out of the way!

Cats are naturally fastidious. If your cat or kitten doesn’t show interest
in grooming itself, have it examined by a veterinarian. A fecal test will
determine if parasites are the cause.

Fleas will make any cat miserable. But a cat that is allergic to flea bites
will be doubly uncomfortable. Ask your veterinarian for a fast-acting
adulticide that impairs the insect’s nervous system. The flea is killed
before biting.

Outward indications of stress in a cat include pinned ears, swishing tail,
excess salivation and staring into space. A cat under stress will also pant
and keep its mouth open.

Cats don’t like to dig in damp substances. Keep your garden beds moist with
mulch if you want to discourage your cat from digging.

Why does your cat gravitate to the one person in the room who is not a cat
lover? Animal behaviorists believe cats have less reason to be threatened by
someone who ignores them—a difficult attitude for a cat lover to maintain!

Make your cat’s first night in a new home more comfortable by providiing a
favorite blanket, unwashed, to sleep on. Its familiar smell will help your
cat feel at home.


Mature cats can jump up to seven times higher than their own height.

After bathing, dry your cat’s fur with a soft towel, not a hair dryer. The
hair dryer will make your cat’s coat dull.

Have realistic expectations about your cat; Nobody is perfect. Make a
commitment to work through any behavior or health problems that may arise.
Your cat is a friend for life.

Non-pedigree cats generally live longer than pedigree cats. Adopt an adult,
mixed-breed cat from your local animal shelter.

The more cats are spoken to, the more they will speak back. You will learn a
lot from your cat’s wide vocabulary of chirps and meows.

The more mental and physical stimulation kittens experience while young, the
more well-rounded they’ll be as adults. It helps to have kittens meet
children, other cats, and dogs.

Cats who stalk their owners are often bored or frustrated- that’s when feet
and ankles look most interesting. Cats need mental and physical stimulation,
so be sure to play often.

Purring is a tension-reducing sound.

Cats don’t wear their emotions on their sleeves. They’re subtle. Chirping,
purring, face rubbing, body rubbing, tail wrapping, or curling up in a warm
lap are signs of deep trust and affection.

When a cat is completely relaxed, she will fall into a sleep deep enough for
dreaming. When this happens, whiskers can twitch, claws and paws extend and
contract, and teeth chatter.

A cat’s normal body temperature is 101.5F,just a little higher than a human.

Unlike many animals,cats can watch tv. They do so by following the action
with their eyes and heads

If your cat’s back raises to meet your hand when you pet her, the cat is
enjoying this contact with you.

If your cat races down the stairs in front of you, only to collapse in a
heap at the bottom of the stairs, this is usually a sign that she wants to


Contrary to popular belief, cats can and should be trained. This isn’t the
same kind of obedience training that dogs get, but cats do need to learn how
to behave as a member of the family.

Some cats can be trained by rewarding them with food. Once a trick or new
behavior has been learned, praise and attention is enough.

Older cats may be more difficult to teach than kittens, depending on how
peaceful their former lives were. Still, patience and kindness, with a firm
tone of voice, should help maintain most ground rules. Hitting your pet is
unnecessary and accomplishes nothing.

A spray bottle filled with water can be a good discipline tool. Catch the
cat in the act of scratching the sofa or jumping on the sink and spritz the
culprit with a gentle spray of water. Your cat will associate the behavior
with the unpleasent experience of water, not with you.


CAT FABLE: Cats that disappear for a few days are just out hunting: there’s
no need to worry.
FACT: The disappearance of any pet is cause for alarm. For their own safety,
cats should be kept indoors. If your cat does become lost, look for him
immediately-before it’s too late.

CAT FABLE: Cats can see in the dark.
FACT: Cats cannot see in total darkness. They can see better than many
animals in semi-darkness, however, due to the special anatomy of their eyes.

CAT FABLE: Cats can’t swim.
FACT: Cats are good swimmers, they just don’t like the water.

CAT FABLE: Cats can instinctively find their own way home.
FACT: Despite many great stories about cats making their way home over long
distances or across town, an ID tag is the best protection for a lost pet.


When the air temperature reaches about 97 degrees, a cat will pant to cool
itself. Cats have sweat glands in the pads of their feet and scattered over
their bodies, but sweating is not a temperature-regulating mechanism.

If your cat crouches low to the ground, he may be feeling uneasy. Raised
hair on the back and a puffed-out tail are universal signs of hostility or



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