California Dentist Uses Dog to Calm Patients

by Rebecca on December 7, 2010

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December 02,2010

A dentist’s office in La Jolla, California, has taken a rather unique approach to helping its patients cope with the stress and anxiety associated with a visit for a root canal or cleaning. Dentists Tracy A. Taddey and her father regularly bring their pet Chihuahua-Dachshund mix, Mona, into the office to help calm their clients, according to USA Today.

Mona has a sweet and gentle demeanor, which the dentists say goes a long way with their patients. “She’s changed the whole atmosphere,” Taddey told the news source. “Immediately the anxiety level goes down.”

Patients are able to request the presence of the 10-pound pooch. When brought into the room, Mona sits quietly in the client’s lap, happy to stay snuggled up for as long as the procedure takes.

According to the news source, the dog doesn’t mind the sounds that often set dental patients on edge. Taddey told the news provider that Mona is even able to sleep through the sound of a drill.

Mona has become so popular at the dental facility that some clients have called and said they wanted to schedule an appointment specifically because of the canine, who is especially comforting to children.

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