British photographer Jonathan Griffiths’ close encounters with the furry kind

by Rebecca on May 26, 2010

in Animal Pictures

Jonathan, from Egham, in Surrey, UK got a camera two years ago as a birthday present from his fiancee with the intention of photographing their newborn son.

After spending some time at a local zoo, Jonathan decided he wanted to take pictures of powerful predators in the open and researched the best places to spot them. He flew to Montana, where he stayed in a lodge by a wildlife breeding reserve. A guide from the wildlife reserve stood by his side as he came face to face with some of nature’s most dangerous animals to capture them on film in intimate detail.

“My family think I’m a bit nuts and worry about the consequences if something went wrong. But I just like getting as close as possible to get a different kind of shot.” By the way, this is a Bobcat approaching Jonathan.

Two brown bears roar at the camera.

Who knew there were wild lions on Montana!!

The lion demonstrated its power by swiping at the camera!!

A tiger leaves condensation on Jonathan’s lens with its breath!!

A snow leopard.

An american badger.

For Jonathan, the scariest moment came when he came face-to-face with a black leopard, “which made me fear for my life; I thought it could attack at any moment. It was just mean.”

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