Beckham the Bengal

by Rebecca on March 22, 2009

in Pet Talk

I’m attaching two pictures of Beckham the Bengal. He is two years old, and a mighty hunter . . . or so he thinks! He’s a very sweet-natured, loving (and lovable!) creature. Beckham was so named because he is so athletic. We had named him something else, but within minutes of getting him home, we renamed him. He jumps from the floor to our shoulders, where he loves to perch while I wash dishes. Actually, anything I do in which I’m standing or sitting still, he wants to be able to watch from my shoulder. He is especially turned on by the DVD player. Beckham has taught us several games that we play daily. He has several large, colored, plastic jacks that we play fetch with. We throw the jack, he chases it, and then brings it back and lays it at our feet. Occasionally, he will jump straight up three to five feet and catch the jack in mid-air with his front paws, transferring it to his mouth before he hits the floor. A great game is to lie-in-wait in his tunnel and attack one of us as we walk by. Then I get to attack him when he gets behind the shower curtain, which is why he gets back there. Making beds is a weekly ritual that he really looks forward to, and he is, of course, a big help! Making a bed usually takes five minutes, but with his help, we can do it in fifteen. When we adopted him at four months, he just fell into a pot of jam! He has a perfect little life, getting anything he wants and doing whatever he likes. Did I mention that he is shamefully spoiled? He runs the household, including our two Shelties. What can I say? We’re crazy about him!



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