Bandit is saved: Tiny kitten hit by a car and left for dead recovers

by Rebecca on January 13, 2012

in Animals in the News

Thanks to a good Samaritan, a rescue group and a local vet, Westport, CT tuxedo kitten Bandit is saved.


Tiny Bandit was found meowing and limping in a back yard in Westport Connecticut on January 2. The person who spotted him called local rescue group The Alliance in Limiting Strays, or T.A.I.L.S and a volunteer went to retrieve him. Bandit is thought to have been hit by a car and then left for dead. He was in very poor shape, with a badly injured leg which had become infected.

Bandit was teken to the Westport Animal hospital where x-rays showed that the leg needed to be removed. Though it was not certain that Bandit would even survive the surgery, his rescuers and doctors decided to give him a chance at life and recovery. The little cat came through the operation and is expected to recover. After further recuperation he will go to foster care and then, hopefully, to a forever home.

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