Bald Eagle Lands on Grave at US Military Cemetery

by Rebecca on August 9, 2011

in Animal Pictures

By John Farrier from:

Frank Glick, an amateur photographer, captured this amazing image at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minnesota. He thought that the family of the veteran buried at that gravestone might like to have a copy, and did some research on Sgt. Maurice Ruch.

Ruch, a veteran of World War II, was a US Army marksman who served in the Aleutian Islands and earned a Bronze Star. Then he went home, became an engineer and got married. John Tevlin of the Star Tribute spoke with Ruch’s widow, Vivian, and best friend, Jack Kiefner:

I told Vivian that some cultures believe the eagle is a symbol, not only of patriotism and dignity, but a messenger between heaven and earth. She nodded solemnly.

“I’d say the eagle had a very good eye when he landed on Maurie, and he was respected,” she said.

“I miss him,” said Vivian as she picked up the photo. “He was a good man and a good provider.”

“The eagle couldn’t have picked a better person,” said Kiefner




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