Badgers and Coyotes Working Together

by Rebecca on November 11, 2010

in Animal Stories,Unusual Friends

One would think that badgers would be better suited to symbiotic connections with mushrooms and snakes. Instead, they actually share a very unusual, mutualistic relationship with coyotes – an animal better suited for chowing down on them rather than encouraging survival. Coyotes eat ground squirrels and prairie dogs, but their subterranean lairs prove a challenge when it comes time to feed. Badgers, however, possess more than adequate digging abilities. Also a fan of the underground rodents, badgers occasionally team up with far faster coyotes for tag-teamed hunts. No matter where their prey may run, 1 of the 2 predators is there to catch them and share the spoils with his or her partner. Biologists believe that this symbiotic system is around 30% more efficient than if either animal were to hunt solo.

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