Baby Pigeon

by Rebecca on February 22, 2011

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From Birdman of Long Beach:

Everyone tells me they never see a Baby Pigeon. And this is a very good
example because of the yellow peachfuzz on the head. Thats how I almost
always know that they left there nest early when I rescue them.

Birdman also suggested the Pigeons as Pets website. So, here is one of the postings from Pigeons as Pets

We received a wonderful Valentines present at work this year: a little pigeon squab!! So of course I had to name him “Valentine”. It was love at first sight. Actually, it was love at first squeak! I could hear him through the box he was transported in. A little “squeeaak, squeeaak”. The volunteer driver said that the baby had been talking to him throughout the journey. I peered into the box and there sat a fat little dumpling, yellow fluff on his head, light grey feather quills sticking out like a pin cushion:


P1050570 Valentine received lots of love and attention, was fed and put in a cosy nest in an incubator and he’s been steadily growing into a fine looking feral pigeon:


We’ve kept talking and cuddling to a minimum because we want him to remain as wild as possible so we can release him when he’s ready. Valentine has a teddy bear to cuddle up to though, so he’s got some soft comfort when he’s not being fed. Today another baby pigeon (a bit older) arrived so once we’ve established that he’s healthy, he’ll be put with Valentine for company. That way they will both retain their pigeon identity and be releasable.

 I’ve been feeding Valentine a bird rearing formula in liquid form, however, I wanted to provide him some solid food to aid his growth, so I gave him some seed from a jar:


P1050601 I got the idea when I saw the following website: Bottle Feeding A Baby Pigeon and I have to say it works a charm!

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