ASPCA Awards and Angel

by Rebecca on April 5, 2010

in Animal Stories

The ASPCA gave out an award on October 29, 2009, reports USA Today to Nora, the Piano-Playing-Cat, the ASPCA’s 2009 Cat of the Year. Wait, what?

The mewing musician isn’t being rewarded for her mad musical skills but for the way she’s raised the profile of shelter pets. You see, shelter pets aren’t just sad, furry faces waiting to be rescued. They’re animals with lovable personalities and talents, and Nora is proof. You just never know who’s going to steal your heart (and maybe the spotlight) at your local shelter or rescue!

I used to have a look-alike kitty, a stray whom my Daughter brought home one day and she immediately won our hearts. We named her “Angel” – but she wasn’t. Always into mischief. Enjoyed her personality tremendously! One incident – kitchen full of folks, standing room only, chatting and laughing. And there was Angel joining in. She had claimed her own chair but was standing on it, facing the crowd, with her arms akimbo hanging over the back. She was totally attentive and seemed to be just waiting to add her comments. Also, she never gave the family dog a moment’s peace – always giving him a friendly clip with her paw as he ventured past her to be sure he was aware of her presence. Many memories of her antics. Miss her dearly.

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