Alpha Dogs – Premieres Friday, February 8 on Nat Geo WILD

by Rebecca on February 7, 2013

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Trainee Michael Henderson's dog Ricardo readies for a bomb search during K9 class drills at Vohne Liche Kennels.

This Friday, February 8 on Nat Geo WILD – Alpha Dogs.

Executive produced by Jack Osbourne, Alpha Dogs goes behind the scenes of Vohne Liche Kennels (VLK),one of the premiere K-9 training facilities in the world. VLK trains dogs for every branch of the military, the Secret Service, law enforcement – these dogs have helped take down some of the most infamous terrorists in history. Really incredible how much these dogs are relied upon to help protect Americans in a variety of different ways and what they’re capable of doing. From jumping from helicopters and sniffing out explosives, to catching and escorting criminals, these dogs are true unsung heroes!

They’re so valuable, that one can go for as much as $50,000 depending on what they’re needed for and trained to do.

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Vohne Liche Kennels Director of Police Operations Danny Parker directs Kokomo Officer Brandy Patton during bite training at VLK. Denver, IN.

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