After 10 long years, woman reunited with her stolen horse

by Rebecca on August 14, 2012

in Animal Stories


Courtesy Michelle Pool

After conducting an intense search, Michelle Pool thought she’d never see her horse Opie again.

Jillian Eugenios writes

Nearly 10 years ago, Michelle Pool, 40, of Eureka Springs, Ark., stood staring at a clipped and gaping fence. Her beloved horse, Opie, had been stolen from her father’s pasture in San Antonio, Texas.

“We knew he was gone,” Pool told Opie only stayed with her father for a short time, waiting for Pool to come pick him up after she recovered from back surgery.

Once Pool discovered Opie was missing, she reported it to the authorities and started her own investigation. She first went across the road from her father’s house to ask if her neighbor, a deputy in the local sheriff’s department, had seen anything unusual. He said he’d seen a horse trailer that night but had thought it was Pool picking up her horse.

Then, a few weeks ago, she got a call from Debi Metcalfe, the woman behind the organization Stolen Horse International, the site where Pool had originally reported Opie missing a decade earlier.

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