Adorable Royal Antelope Born at San Diego Zoo

by Rebecca on February 18, 2011

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A zoo keeper bottle-feeds a Royal Antelope that weighs just 17 ounces at the San Diego Zoo.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The Royal Antelope is a West African antelope, only 10–12 inches tall and weighing only 9–10 lbs;  it is the smallest of all antelopes. Their calves are small enough to fit into the average person’s open hand. It is light brown in color, with a paler underbelly and slightly darker heads and flanks. The male has small, spike-like horns, about 1 inch long.

Royal Antelopes live in dense forests in West Africa, feeding on leaves and fruit in the undergrowth. They are mostly nocturnal and are very shy, reputedly able to leap up to 8 feet in one bound if disturbed. They are not gregarious, living on their own or occasionally in pairs.

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