Adorable Orangutan Makes Debut at Audubon Zoo Sept 26, 2009

by Rebecca on September 15, 2009

in Cute Animal Pictures

Menari, Audubon’s newborn orangutan, will make her first public appearance at the zoo Sept. 26.

A two-month-old female Sumatran orangutan, a member of a species that is endangered in its Indonesian homeland, will make her first public appearance at the Audubon Zoo on Sept. 26, officials said Wednesday. Menari, whose name means “dance” in Indonesian, was born at the zoo June 10 and became the first orangutan born there since 1996. She was healthy, but zoo officials said at the time that she wouldn’t be ready for public exhibition for some time. Zookeepers decided to take the baby away from her mother, Feliz, a first-timer, and place her in a nursery at Audubon’s Animal Health Care Center, where she has since been cared for around the clock. The animal staff held introductory sessions for the mother and baby daily to help reintroduce Menari to the orangutan group. Feliz is 20 years old. She came to Audubon as a youngster from Brownsville, Texas. Meanwhile, Menari’s father, Berani, is 16 and came from the Miami Zoo. Until Menari, the most recent orangutan birth at Audubon was Blaze, the one born in 1996. Blaze shares the exhibit with Menari’s parents.



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