Rebecca on SilverHi! Welcome to Animal Talk!

My name is Rebecca. I love animals and have been lucky enough to grow up with them. I have three horses: Silver (my best buddy and website mascot), Smokey, and Latido. I also have two cats, Beans and Ciao. Jazz is our golden retriever, although Amica (our German shepherd) fetches a whole lot better!

I want to make the Animal Talk website fun for you. You can laugh at Animal Jokes and Funny Animal Pictures. You can also read Animal Stories and Animal Poems. I have a new section for Reviews. I’d love for you to send me a review of your favorite book, movie, or game!

You are welcome to contribute other things, aswell! I would really appreciate receiving animal related stories, articles, tips, poems, jokes, and funny pictures. Please send them to Rebecca at animaltalk.us. And it would be awesome if you told your friends about www.AnimalTalk.us so they can sign up for my newsletter, too!