A Tribute To Holly

by Rebecca on August 15, 2007

in Pet Talk

Thank You Rebecca;
You are so thoughtful. I have lost family pets before but it wasn’t until I was 60 that I actually wanted a pet of my very own. My daughter gave me a gift about 3 years ago and I called him Gizmo because he looks exactly like the little Gremlin. When Gizmo got about a year old, he seemed very lonely, so we went to look for a second doggie as a companion. This one came from a place where she was abused. She was filthy and you couldn’t even tell what kind of dog she was (there was so much matted fur). I only know that she ran around like something wild when the guy brought her out of the barn and she smelt terrible. We were about to leave without her but i turned back. Something in my heart melted and we paid the guy and left. My daughter was not happy and said,“That was supposed to be your Christmas present.” So I took her home, gave her a good bath and called her Holly. I took her to the vet and she had an umbilical hernia, a cherry eye and worms. So I had her vaccinated and dewormed and took her to a groomer. What a beautiful little dog that was underneath. She was a joy.
I meant to have her spayed and the hernia and eye fixed at the same time but Gizmo mated with her before i got the chance. She had 4 little puppies and what a good mother she was. I sold 3 of her puppies but the fourth one kept coming home. Anyone who bought him, found him listless and would bring him back so my husband said we’re keeping him. Now what to call him? I have 2 terminal illnesses so I thought of the Country song…If i Die Before I wake..Feed Jake. So he was named Jake and what a ball of love. He just didn’t want to leave us. Then I had Holly’s surgery done and all three doggies were happy.
My daughter had a 6 yr. old Keeshund who had never known how to play because she was always alone. Holly taught her to play. She was the one who would put her cold nose on mine and wake me in the morning for all dogs to go out. She was the one who would wait for me to go to bed and then curl up snuggle into my back. She was the one who would take all the dog dishes and put them in a circle when it was time to eat. She was the one who died in my arms.She had gotten between someone’s feet as they came through the door and was gone like the wind into the street. She had seen a cat throught the window and there was no way we suspected she would run. She died instantly.
It is like a tomb in this house, it’s so quiet. She was our ray of sunshine who brought joy to everyone. All the other dogs are so quiet. I am not usually like this. I am a very optimistic person but me husband is working over a thousand miles away and I am alone with my thoughts. I had to bury her and it was like burying my child. I can’t tell my husband because I know he would have a heart attack and I’d never see him alive again either. He adores those dogs and Holly especially. It is really hard, talking to him every evening on the phone and not being able to tell him. Especially when he starts talking about holly. I almost lose it.
I know she’s in heaven and can run all she wants but I don’t think I will ever lose this hurt in my heart.
Thank you so much for being there. At least I can let out my feelings.
…. You were talking about doggie books. I have three published and am on a fourth. It will probably be a long time before it gets finished. The books are written from a doggies perspective.
Thank you again and God Bless

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