A Story From Elaine

by Rebecca on May 31, 2007

in Pet Talk

Hi Rebecca, love your website. I’m from British Columbia, Canada. I had a part siamese cat named Tio, had him for 18 years. I had to put him down due to kidney failure, the vet gave an option of putting him down or pro-long his life with needles everyday to keep him alive and he’d still be in pain. It was a painful decision, if I chose the needles for him, it would be for me. So, I put Tio down, broke my heart. Later, I went to the SPCA to look for a feline friend. I was totally appalled as to how many cats there were. I was standing to one side of the room and felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. It was a 6 month old tabby that was brought in that day, he was reaching through the cage at me. Needless to say, he picked me….brought him home, it’s been 4 years now. Jake’s my bud, greets me at the door, howls when I’m not home at a certain time. Believe me, my neighbors know when I’m away for a day. Share this story if you could please. Tio will never be replaced, Jake is a separate entity on his own. Many thanks, Elaine

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