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by Rebecca on March 28, 2008

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I Take the Ozone Pledge

* by Sarah



The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concludes that
atmospheric temperatures are on the rise. Global warming is real.

As a cow I bear some of the responsibility. Although humans are to blame for
most of the problem, we ranch animals still contribute a significant share.
Twenty percent of ozone-destroying methane released into the environment
each year comes directly out of our…digestive tract. Let’s put it that

That’s a lot of flatulence! And the majority of it is unnecessary. I can
only speak for myself here but I pass as much wind as I do only because all
the other cows are passing wind also. I suspect other species do the same.
When in Rome…

Well, not anymore. While the humans do their part by passing more laws and
stricter protocols, I’ve decided to help from a more personal angle – next
week I’m going to “take the pledge” and stop passing unnecessary gas. (I’d
take the pledge today but I ate some Mexican hay and I don’t want my mouth
to make a promise my intestines can’t keep.)

Global warming is everyone’s problem. Join me and take the pledge. Be part
of the solution.

The Ozone Pledge:

In an effort to ease global warming, I pledge (save for the occasional bout
of sickness and/or consumption of beans) to refrain from the expulsion of my
digestive gas.

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