A Magician and His Pet Parrot

by Rebecca on January 13, 2008

in Animal Jokes

A magician was performing on a cruise ship and each night while performing
his pet parrot kept saying “it’s up his sleeve” or “it’s in his pocket” or
“it’s in his shoe” or “it’s in his pants” and the magician was loosing his
patience. One night while performing his tricks, the ships boilers blew and
the ship sank. The lucky magician was able to grab onto a ship’s table and
float on the sea for a few days. The parrot in the meantime seemed
nonplussed and was looking quizzically at the magician for a few days whilst
drifting. Finally, on the 4th day the parrot looks at his master and says,
“I give up… what did you do with the ship?”


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