Message From Michelle

by Rebecca on March 28, 2007

in Pet Talk

Hi Rebecca,

Sorry, my English is really not perfect.

I don’t know where you lives exactly but I found your Web site fantastic.  You really loves animals, like I do.
In 15 days, I move in a little farm, near Quebec City, the dream of my live:  live with animals of any kinds.
Il will have horses (about four in pension), donkey, poney, emu, lambs, goats, chickens, rabbits, etc…. for my own pleasure.
At home, I have presently 2 cats and a cockatiel bird (very silly) and I will get my own dog when at the farm.
The farm will be named FERME NATURAnima:  Nature for nature, anima for animals but, too, Anima, is the latin word for soul.
I expect to keep children (from Youngs Centre of Quebec) on some week-ends to learn them love of nature and animals.

Your pictures are very funny.  Are those animals all yours?  You should have a very interesting life with all
those animals.  When did you start that kind of life ?

Just for your pleasure, I join you a text that, I hope, will make you laugh.

Hope you will want to write me !

Michelle Duchesne
Quebec City

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