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by Rebecca on March 28, 2008

in Pet Talk

Casey (the dog) contacted us about his new animal site at
http://www.animalinternet.com. I checked it out and thought that some of his
political views (and those of his animal friends) are pretty funny. I
particularly like the comments section after the editorials. We asked Casey
what got him started and this is what he told us:

A few years ago I was having a problem with the mailman:  I’d bark, he’d
spray me with mace.  Obviously we weren’t communicating.  So I found a human
willing to type for me and we composed a letter to the mailman explaining
that it was my job to protect the property and that my barking wasn’t meant
to be personal.  It worked and the mailman and I have been friendly ever

From that experience Animal Internet was born.

Animals need to have their viewpoints heard.  And not just by humans but by
other animals as well.  It’s not like we live on Noah’s Ark and can walk
below deck to get some face time with a rhino whenever we want.  Animal
Internet solves this problem.  It’s a place where dogs and cats can discuss
world events with fish, birds can trade recipes with monkeys and polar bears
can share their New Year’s resolutions with horses.  It’s easy, it’s free
and, best part of all, you don’t have get on a boat.

The internet has been a valuable tool for humans to communicate.  Now WE
have an easy way to use it too.

Founder and CEO
Animal Internet

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