A Drunk Driver Blames His Goat

by Rebecca on September 19, 2011

in Animal Stories,Animals in the News

I’m not sure what excuse you can give to a cop that’ll get you out of a DUI . . . but this isn’t even CLOSE to a contender.
In Kretzyn, Poland, police pulled over a 54-year-old driver . . . who had a GOAT in his car . . . and was swerving.  His blood-alcohol was three times the legal limit and they told him he was going to be arrested for drunk driving.
His excuse?  His goat was, quote, “lonely” and he was escorting him on a date at a friend’s farm, where they’d met a female goat.  Quote, “[We] had some vodkas to break the ice, then more to celebrate, and by the time we left, [I] was very drunk.”
For some reason, the cops still arrested him.  He’s looking at losing his license and possible prison time.



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